Mastering Breakthrough in Your Organization
Randall Benson

Randall Benson is an author, speaker, and business consultant. Since his first job in a high-tech startup, he has been fascinated by organizational breakthrough and innovation. He has since helped organizations in a wide range of industries achieve breakthroughs in products, processes, culture and leadership. The results have been noted in over 80 articles and media spots and in several business books.

Randall’s focus on breakthrough intensified in 1998 when, in an act of sheer desperation, he borrowed principles from his avocation of mythography and applied them to business transformation. He guided his client on a corporate version of the archetypal quest. The result, to his great relief, was a stunning breakthrough in emergency medicine and a corporate financial turnaround. Heartened by the results, he went on to guide corporate quests in a wide range of organizations, consistently achieving breakthrough results.

Randall received a BA in Economics from Western Washington University and an MBA from the University of Washington. Formerly a senior consultant with Coopers and Lybrand and principal for World Class International, he is now the managing principal of Benson Consulting and partner with BioCast Technology, where he holds a U.S. patent on emerging medical technologies.

An explorer and management expert, Randall veered from the well-trodden path of business theory to draw on psychology, complexity theory, mythology, history, and evolutionary science to map out a new kind of transformational journey for organizations.
The Quest Effect and the Corporate Quest are the results of his exploration.

Born and raised in Seattle, Randall lives in the San Juan Islands in Washington State. He and his wife enjoy traveling to ancient locations connected to myth and legend. When he is not traveling, he enjoys exploring coastal islands, kayaking, photography, bicycling, and playing bluegrass music. His wife, Stella, is a well-known musician and author who teaches musicians to play healing music at the bedside.