Mastering Breakthrough in Your Organization
Integrally aware leaders will see a significant connection between Randall Benson's work and Integral Theory as espoused by Ken Wilber and his associates. Benson's work explores the process of achieving new developmental levels, as postulated by Wilber, within organizations.

Randall’s article in the Integral Leadership Review (June 2009) describes how organizations have used the corporate quest to attain new levels of capability and performance. He argues that the quest is the prime pattern for transformation and renewal in organizations and he shows how organizations use the quest to transform states of misfortune into renewal, shaking off decline and emerging to a higher order.

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The Integral Leadership Review has shown significant interest in Benson's ideas, publishing the above article as well as an audio interview and a book review of The Quest Effect. You can follow the links below to view these resources on the Integral Leadership Review website.

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