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The Quest Effect describes a radically different approach to organizational growth and development -- one that draws on intersections of knowledge outside today’s business wisdom. It recounts remarkable business transformations and the seemingly unremarkable people that achieved them. It shows how they radically reshaped their organizations and their industries.

The book gets its name from the “quest effect”, a phenomenon of breakthrough, transformation and emergence -- a jump to a new level of performance and capability. This jump is powered by a journey of exploration and application, not by proven-path programs. Benson argues that such journeys consistently and precisely follows the prime pattern of a quest. He also makes the case that corporate quests are the very engines that power leaps to higher-order capabilities.

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The Quest Effect documents the science that asserts that the quest is imprinted on the heart of every person. This “propensity to quest” activates creativity, imagination and passion is each of us. The Quest Effect describes how leaders can re-engage and re-energize people who join the quest. They will ultimately supply the innovations that drive breakthrough.

The Quest Effect lays out why traditional, proven-path change models continue to let leaders down. Benson explains how these planning-and-execution approaches are inextricably locked in the present and are ill equipped to deal with the uncertain demands of the future. Sustainable transformation demands a different approach -- one that excels beyond the threshold of discovery -- just where traditional models fail.

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Benson goes well beyond a theoretical treatment of the quest effect. He illustrates four phases and 18 milestones that form the recurring pattern of the corporate quest. At each milestone, he recounts the epic quest of Lewis & Clark, to ground the reader, before laying out the organizational quest. At each milestone, he guides the reader through the quest journey, pointing out both pitfalls and opportunities.

Benson claims no invention in The Quest Effect. He describes how he discovered the quest effect while consulting with organizations and ultimately recognized it as a part of natural phenomena that occurs in all evolving social groups. The quest, and the resulting quest effect, routinely take place in all our organizations, but normally without our full awareness. Yet, with deep awareness, you can tap the power of the quest and harness the power to lead extraordinary transformations. That's the opportunity The Quest Effect offers.