Mastering Breakthrough in Your Organization
What Others are Saying about The Quest Effect
“Real learning occurs when you find a traditional framework applied in a new, deep, and exciting way. The Quest Effect meets this challenge. This book makes the process of authentic transformation accessible. It is well written, based on proven results, and offers a unique depth of insight. It offers a language that, in itself, makes it a great book.”
–Peter Block, bestselling author and consultant
“I think every organization in America should be using the Quest approach.”
–Rob Anderson, COO, Equitable Life & Casualty
The Quest Effect may be the first book devoted to the corporate quest. It taps ancient wisdom and also new science to reveal the big idea behind breakthrough change. The book is practical and accessible—the result of the author’s deep experience consulting to organizations. It is also a leap of imagination that draws on intersections of knowledge outside the traditional business realm. This fascinating book will challenge many stereotypes of organizational transformation.”
–Bernard Booms, Professor Emeritus, University of Washington School of Business
"This book is for anyone that wants to move from focusing on 'why we can’t make positive change' to the adventure of 'what will it take to get there?' The author’s wisdom, gained from a career of transforming organizations, provides every reader with that 'special something' that it takes for us all to achieve the 'unachievable'."
– Joan Wellman, President, Joan Wellman & Associates, Inc.
“[The Quest Effect] becomes far more than just a map of the journey but a tool to guide the way.”
–Gayle Young, Associate Editor, The Integral Leadership Review.
“Randall Benson presents a business model for reinstating the spirit of entrepreneurial leadership in organizations. The Quest process facilitates a ‘values shift’ within the organization, a willingness to consider breakthrough change as a means to sustain the ‘prime’ phase of the corporate lifecycle. He addresses the conditions that can stifle change initiatives and he nurtures a passionate commitment to higher vision and openness to discovery.”
–Stephanie Galindo, Student Dean, The Adizes Graduate School